Introduction to the course

Congratulations on making the decision to put your thoughts into action! This is a big step for you. It means you have chosen to do more than play around with ideas and aspirations in your head. Everyone reaches this stage in their own time, so welcome.

As you probably know, having a desire to achieve something is not enough to make it come to fruition. Instead, you must use what we call intentionality to move to the next step.

It's great to want that new job, but what are you going to do to make it happen? While it may seem daunting to consider, you conquer that fear by moving forward--creating a workable goal, accompanying plan, and executing strategically.

I encourage you to use a journal, spreadsheet, or some other type of stationery as you progress through the course, but I have created resources for you to work from also.

This course comes with a downloadable workbook found on the next page. Be sure to save this to your drive and/or print a copy before you begin the first module.

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